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WOW! We have a new iPhone!

well, an iPhone made of icing, anyways!


With all of the buzz, talk and hype around Apple’s latest product — the iPhone 4G — we thought it a good time to share some photos of a recent grooms cake we created (pictured above) that was designed by working closely with the groom’s mother.

Since he loved his iPhone (hopefully not more than his bride-to-be) his mother decided a cake modeled after this prized possession customized with “apps” specific to the groom would be a memorable and meaningful addition to his wedding celebration.

Each “app” on the cake’s front is representative of a hobby, interest or school of the groom. The “match.com” app — how the couple met. The “Saab” — what the groom drives. The “tooth” because he’s a dentist.

I was running a little late with delivery as I got lost en route to the location so when I walked in with the cake it was such a WOW! moment as everyone was oohing and aahing over the cake. And memorable too — I’m pretty sure I saw a few tears in the groom-to-be when he laid eyes on the iPhone cake.

What custom apps would you have on your iPhone cake?

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