Wow Factor Cakes design contest! Vote for the best design

The Wow Factor Cakes Calling all cake lovers, we recently presented a design challenge to our team at Wow Factor Cakes to test their skills at piping.  We like to keep everyone’s design skills sharp, so we recently did an education tutorial on piping skills for all our designers and interns.  Their homework was to utilize unique and interesting piping techniques on a 3 tiered cake.  Take a look at all 4 cakes and *VOTE on who you think completed their design homework with the best technique.  The winner gets a grand prize and bragging rights until we have our next design contest!  

*How to vote for your favorite: Please leave a blog comment with your top cake choice: 1, 2, 3 or 4.  Please be sure to vote only one time.  

Stay tune for more exciting design contests to come this Fall!

Select your favorite cake: 

 Cake 1

Wow Factor Cakes


Cake 2

Wow Factor Cakes


Cake 3

Wow Factor Cakes


Cake 4

Wow Factor Cakes


All images courtesy of Catch Light Studio