Cake Shot Wedding

Ariel & Chris  

We made a decision to stop doing cupcakes about 8 weeks ago as it did not really fit our design process of doing cakes. We now refer out cupcakes and offer our cake shots as an alternative to the cupcake, as they are still unique to the Charlotte market.  Ariel & Chris loved the idea of the cake shots and ran with it, eventually phasing out a simple cake to cut and opting for his and her cake shots for the cake cutting photo. Ultimately, they did a masterful job of designing a wedding that captured them and who they are. The reception was in a tent at Baker Buffalo Creek Vineyards, a neat place to visit in the spring or fall. They cleverly drilled holes in tree slices to hold the cake shots. Fusion Photography provided the great photographs.

Madonna Cake

We were thrilled to do a cake that got presented to Madonna for the Post Concert party. At first we were not sure what to create, since there is so much to pull from the 80’s, 90’s, and today. We drew inspiration from the first photo which was the album cover. We created a giant chocolate cake covered with fondant and sugar work designed to have the feel of her concert set. The caterer loved it, what did Madonna think?

Cakes for Southern Weddings

We were thrilled to hear that our cake  for Kalen & Parks ended up in Southern Weddings magazine. Although, we were not surprised,with all of the beautiful elements that went into the wedding. Calder Clark of Calder Clark Designs was working with Kalen to produce a “girly-girl meets rock-n-roll” inspired wedding. Calder designed breath-taking floral elements, custom dance floor, and just fantastic detail after detail.  The venue was the gorgeous Old Edwards Innin Highlands, NC and was one of my most nerve-wracking deliveries with some of those windy roads. The cake decoratedwith my hand made sugar flowers and was colored with an ombre look on the outside as well as on the inside. Thank you Jeremy Harwellfor the fantastic pictures that you took.

A cake that has an eye for the camera

What kind of cake do you get a photographer on her birthday who has seen it all? It was Chanda Pope’s birthday Photography by Chanda K. Pope and her friends wanted to give her a cake that reflected what a treasure she was to them- an antique camera  with one of her favorite flavors red velvet cake with cream cheese. It was a camera cake that took great pictures…sort of… Chanda’s team took the great pictures. Happy Birthday Chanda!

Green Eggs and Ham

Do you like Wow Factor Cakes?
 Would you like them here or there?
 Would you like them in a house?
 Would you like them with a mouse?
 Would you eat them in a box?
 Would you eat them with a fox?
 You will like them. You will see.
 You may like them in a tree.
 Trust us, you will like Wow Factor Cakes! 
Come have a sample and taste them with ME!

Vote for LOVE!

An election themed wedding…

Who could ask for a better theme for a wedding in an election year?

Wow Factor designed the cake for this patriotic wedding to resemble the wedding invitations and menu. 

The Charlotte wedding was featured on the bridal inspirations blog Style Me Pretty on November 5th.

Thanks for Theo Miles Photography for making this presidential couple look beautiful and making the cake look deliciously gorgeous!