Caution! Cake Delivery in Progress.


Win a dozen Wowee Pops with a clever idea for our car magnets!

Photo: Elizabeth Scott Photography

When I deliver cakes (especially ones that are extremely delicate because of their shape, height or even sometimes moving parts) I have to drive really, really slow — slower than 20 miles per hour slow. The cake studio is off of Central Avenue and it takes busy roads like that and others for me to get to most of the venues where I’m delivering cake. I get all kinds of looks, honks and sometimes hand gestures (rude!) for my tortoise-like speed! So I thought I would order a car magnet to put on the back of my car to notify drivers of the reason that I’m driving so slowly. I’ve been trying to come up with something clever that does this and I’m coming up short.

Dennis at FastSigns took a stab with “CAUTION: CAKE DELIVERY IN PROGRESS. DON”T CRUSH THE BRIDES DREAMS!” Funny, yes, but not exactly what I’m thinking.

I’m thinking it’s time {The WOW Factor Cakes} fans help! Would love to hear your ideas for our magnet! And maybe some tasty cake treats might be offered in return for your ideas?? If we find a favorite in our comments section below, that person will win a FREE dozen Wowee Pops.


Just Married: Brantley + Ryan, 08/22/10

The groom’s cake I’m talking about in this post is probably one of the most labor intensive and delicate grooms cakes I’ve ever had to create (and deliver – gosh, that’s an interesting story!) but I couldn’t have been happier with the way it turned out — just how much of a work of art it really was and {WOW} what a cake!

As huge Auburn football fans I created a toilet-papered Toomer’s Corner tree cake for the groom. Every tree on the famed corner at Auburn University is toilet papered every year as a part of Auburn tradition. So with fondant, buttercream, a lot of patience and loads of creativity I recreated one of the trees, draped in toilet paper that I made with rolled fondant.


The tree before the extra leaves were added and the base (made with rice krispies) was covered in chocolate.


Each of these little leaves were made by hand with sugar. Sugar leaves and they are 100 percent edible.


The trunk — made with rice krispies — is covered with chocolate and it’s ready for delivery!


Once we got the cake to the Charlotte Country Club (Melissa helped by driving the car verrrrrrrrry slowly while I sat in the very back and held the cake so it wouldn’t move) I started adding finishing touches like the grass on the cake base and extra leaves that wisped out from all directions.


Close-up of the grass once it was complete. It’s all frosting so it’s all edible!


All set-up next to Aubie right by the door so it’s one of the first items guests at the reception dinner will see.


One last shot as I say good-bye to the cake and head to the kitchen to find the pastry chef to tell him how to cut it!


The couple’s wedding day cake was much more traditional and elegant. One color outside but filled inside with lots of delicious flavors.



I loved this photo that Christopher Record captured of the cake before the cutting at the CCC reception.


And how darling are the sweet little love birds on top?

See more gorgeous picturesof the couple and their wedding day here on Christopher’s blog.

Congratulations Brantley & Ryan. Wishing you the best and I can’t wait to hear how lovely your cake still tastes next year on your anniversary.


The “Confections & Conversations” event


I had so much fun getting ready for the Confections & Conversations event — a party I planned with Alyse Woodward of Alyse Woodward Events and Melissa Lamkin — to make my debut into the Charlotte weddings and events industry. Samples of new cake flavors (anyone for pink lemonade?) and old favorites like our carrot cake (the family secret!) were displayed for guests to try and taste throughout the cake boutique. Here are some of the awesome photos that Elizabeth Scott Photography took at our event….


Carrot Cake — The Family Secret


Pink Lemonade Display Cake


Pink Lemonade Cake display


Sinful Turtle Bliss Cake



Our Almond Joy is a popular cake flavor


Blushing Velvet Cake (the best red velvet you’ve ever tasted!)

I also wanted to introduce our newest product — Wowee Pops. I might be a little biased but I think they are so delicious! Little cakes dipped in chocolate and place on a stick, perfect for cake lovers who just need a bite to get their fix.


Wowee Pops (These make great party favors!)

I also loved seeing and talking to all the vendors who attended the event. Lots of photographers — neighbors Cunningham Photo Artists, Catchlight Studio along with Kristin Vining Photography and Candice and Dan from the Beautiful Mess and our lovely event photographers (all of the photos in this blog post are by the Keeners) Leslie and Matt from Elizabeth Scott Photography.  Kim from the Ritz-Carlton Charlotte, Aundrea from the Duke Mansion, Amber Williams of the Levine Museum of the New South and Maggie Snipes from Neiman Marcus and Elaina Forbes and Gigi Leudemann from Belk is just a start of the list of event professionals in attendance. (I’m sure I’m forgetting lots of people.) Event planners like Tiffany from Weddings and the City, Jenny Cook, Kate Fitzgerald of I Do Details and Events, Carla Eustache from Style Perfect Events and Anne Markey from Favor Me Events sampled all of the different cake flavors. Ivy Robinson and Cortenay Matters popped by after a tasting dinner at the Van Landingham Estate. Priscilla Tsai was our media member in attendance (and I love that she blogged about the party the very next day!) and the fabulous Carolyn Shepard and Cake Lady Jill also made it to the party!


The party planning trio — Me, Melissa Lamkin & Alyse Woodward

There were a lot of people at the party so if I left you out of the list above I’m really sorry. If I did, please leave a comment and let me know what your favorite flavor was!

{The WOW Factor Cakes} Press: Creative Loafing’s Eat My Charlotte

I loved reading Priscilla Tsai’s blogpost on her Eat My Charlotte blog about our {The WOW Factor Cakes} Confections & Conversations Launch Party last week. (I’ll be blogging with more pictures and details when I receive the photos from the photographers.) She got some great photos of all the cakes we had for tasting, too!

Thanks for attending Priscilla and I’m so happy to hear that you were WOWed by the Wowee Pops — our new product!

Wedding cake consultation confessions.


I have another confession… I love my job. I really, really do. I love my consultations and tastings. I love creating the cakes, the smell of the cake batter, the feel of fondant when I roll it out to shape and form it into flowers and designs and working to perfectly and evenly spread buttercream icing. I also really love working with brides each day to help them choose their wedding cake — one of the traditional wedding items that are an important part of their wedding day.

It’s thrilling to meet with a newly engaged bride-to-be and seeing her excitement and learn about her love. Brides always keep my perspective fresh and always prove to be a wonderful dose of enthusiasm. I’m certain that’s one of the main reasons why we all love weddings. Every wedding guest is feeding off of the couple’s boundless love and energy (and hopefully a delicious {The WOW Factor Cake} too!) and enjoying the details and the excitement and fun that go along with wedding ceremonies and receptions.

I also love meeting with the parents.  Whether I’m meeting with the mother of the bride, the father of the bride (and even sometimes with the mother of the groom) I admire their patience.  It is “their” day — the bride and the groom’s — and you have to let it play out. It’s one of those life moments that you can’t make the decisions for them, you have to let them make them. If they are happy, I know that ultimately you (as a parent) will be happy, too.

Mothers and parents… I’m taking notes from you. I’m a mother to a beautiful sixteen year old daughter, Carleigh. (Although I feel like the two of us can’t seem to agree on anything right now — I’m hoping this is all a teenage phase.) When Carleigh is getting married, unlike my mother who made most of my wedding decisions for me, I will happily step back and have her make her wedding day decisions and just be there to assist her and enjoy the experience. (Oh, one more confession: let’s hope I have to wait at least another ten to fifteen years for that!)

I have cake regrets.

My Confession: I regret my wedding cake.

My Wedding Cake

My wedding cake

I was young when I got married (and it was long before I knew I would be baking and creating cakes for a living) and my mother heavily influenced almost all of my wedding choices. She chose everything from the dress to the invites to the cake.

Oh the cake. It was tasty but it was hideous. (That’s it in the picture above.) It did not reflect my personal style or taste at all. When I look back at my wedding photos (and sometimes laugh when I think of how the trends have changed) I love all of them, except looking at the pictures of my cake. (And I wonder if people thought the same when they saw it?)

When you go to weddings do you look at the cake? Have you seen a fabulous looking cake that tasted awful? Or have you seen a less than pleasant looking cake but it tasted delicious?

What do you think influences a bride’s wedding cake style? What influenced your choice and style of your wedding day cake?

Do you have cake regrets like I do? If so, we’d love to see them…  I showed you mine!

Wine and Dine @ 909: Bloom.


In April, we hosted our second Wine and Dine @ 909 event — this one themed {bloom} — with studio neighbors (and great friends!) Cunningham Photo Artists.


Beyond honored to have the fabulous Dina Berg Blazek planning the event with us along with gorgeous florals from Crawford & Company Florists and delicious bites from Chef Charles Catering. Invitations and conversation coasters were provided by Crayton-Heritage Letterpress.


The party cake was inspired by the loads of lilac flowers that Todd Crawford brought in for the event.


lilac cake

While Dina and Todd were setting up event decor and Chef Charles was in the kitchen putting together his catering creations, I was in the cake studio shaping buttercream icing and creating take-home cakes — a mini version of the party cake — as party favors for each and every guest.




In shades of lilac and lavendar, covered in sugar flower lilac flowers our hope was to {WOW} each guest as they left.

{The WOW Factor Cakes} Press: Charlotte Wedding Magazine


We love reading wedding and bridal magazines. It’s a great place for inspiring ideas, catching up on bridal trends and seeing what some of the other cake designers are doing.

We love even more when we’re reading those magazines — like the latest copy of Charlotte Wedding magazine — and we see a {WOW Factor Cake}! This time, it’s the Super Mario Brothers grooms cake featured in Brianne & Harris’ wedding story.

{WOW} that makes our day!