Ask About It

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you offer tastings? How many people can I bring with me?

Yes, we offer a complimentary tasting and consultation for you and a guest. Arrangements must be made in advance for more than two, so we are sure to have enough cake for you. Keep in mind it’s difficult to focus with too much input!

Q. Is there a charge for the consultation? How long can we expect to be there?

There is not a fee for tastings. An hour is set-aside for each client, which has proven to be ample time to both design and taste our cakes. Often, appointments are scheduled before and after yours so please plan to be on time so we have a full hour.

Please keep in mind that cake samples are prepared specifically for your appointment. We ask for the courtesy of 48 hours notice if your appointment needs to be rescheduled.

Q. What do I need to bring to our appointment?

It is helpful to have made venue, color and floral decisions prior to our meeting so we have that information available. Additionally, any element from your event that you feel we can draw inspiration from is great to bring as well. Pictures of your dress, venue, your invitations or design motif… a monogram, color swatches… a piece of wrapping paper that catches your eye… it can all be helpful.

That being said you may also just bring yourselves! Our portfolio has hundreds of cakes for you to browse through and we have endless ideas. The design process is definitely a collaborative effort and we’ll keep going until you have a design you love.

Q. What can I expect to pay for a wedding cake? Do you have a price list?

We do not have a general price list because each cake is one-of-a-kind. Most custom cakes are priced per person; smaller orders (typically, anything under 75 servings) are priced per project.

Pricing starts at $4.50 per serving for a plain iced cake. Our pricing tends to average from $7-$9 per serving. Ultimately the price is based on the complexity of design and the number of people being served. Sheet cakes are available to supplement larger parties and are priced at $3.50 per serving.

Before you arrive for your consultation, it is helpful to have a budget in mind for what you would like to spend on your cake. This will give us a better sense of what we can design for you.

Q. Does your minimum apply to birthday cakes?

 No, each cake is priced according to the design. Please contact us for pricing.

Q. What is your delivery area? What do you charge for delivery?

We are willing to travel anywhere our cakes can safely be delivered so please contact us to inquire about a specific location.

Delivery and set up fees are additional and are calculated at an hourly rate – round-trip.

Q. Do you ship your cakes?

No, we do not ship our cakes at this time.

Q. Do I have to make a deposit to reserve my wedding date? If so, how much is it and can I get a refund, if necessary?

Yes, you will need to make a 50 percent deposit to reserve your wedding date on our calendar. We will base your deposit on the total estimated amount at the time of the deposit.

Q. I am not ready to make design decisions yet but I want to reserve our date so you don’t get booked up, is that possible?

Yes. You may reserve your date with a $250 deposit. Final arrangements just need to be made at least 6 weeks prior to your event.

Q. How far in advance should I order a cake?

We are often booked up many weeks ahead of time so the sooner the better to reserve your place on our calendar. For weddings we suggest a minimum of six months to one year.

We definitely attempt to accommodate last minute requests if our schedule allows. Please call or email to find out our availability for your particular date.

Q. Do you make individual cakes?

Yes. We do custom designed small individual cakes  often, starting at $8 per person. Otherwise cakes start at $35 each for one tier. Please contact us for additional information.

Q. If I want fresh flowers on my cake how can that be arranged?

We work directly with your florist to ensure we are using the same varieties of flowers. The client purchases the flowers and we place them on the cake at the time of delivery. If you prefer your florist to provide the flowers they can arrange them onsite after our delivery window, which is typically an hour prior to your event.

Q. Do you make sugar free or vegan cakes? Do you use organic ingredients?

We currently do not make sugar free or vegan cakes.

All of our ingredients are of the highest quality, which is one of the reasons, our pricing tends to be just a bit higher than our competitors. We truly believe that ingredients really do make all the difference and are committed to using only the finest products available.

We are told consistently by clients who have made it a priority to meet with every local baker imaginable, that our cakes are not only beautiful but taste the best around. Come taste for yourself…

Pricing Basics

Our cakes are priced from $4.50 dollars per serving, varying according to the complexity of your chosen design and the time invested in it’s creation. The final price is determined by multiplying the price per serving by the number of servings you select.

Reservations are taken on a first come first served basis. A fifty percent, non-refundable, deposit will secure your date on our calendar.