Blown Away!

A bride and groom will soon greet the brilliant morning sunrise for a ride in an eight-story tall, multi-colored hot air balloon.

Imagine –

A hot air balloon.

The thrill of floating effortlessly over North Carolina dogwoods. A breathtaking view of beautiful blue water – lakes and ponds and rivers. The air filled with the fragrance of magnolia trees and honeysuckle.

Well, Amanda and Kevin not only imagined their perfect hot air balloon wedding… they planned it. Because of authority restrictions, the bride and groom couldn’t have an actual hot air balloon at their wedding venue. Fortunately, Wow Factor Cakes was there to save the day!

We were able to bake Amanda and Kevin the ideal cake for the occasion. The two couldn’t have been happier!

Like the photo? Check out more… this photography was graciously provided by Briana Randle with Love Shutter Photography.