Who Makes It

How did you get started baking & designing cakes?

I wish I could say I grew up in the kitchen with mom or grandma baking cakes, but the truth is I’m an accidental baker. I tasted the most wonderful cake I’ve ever had, and I was so moved by the flavors and the possibilities, I bought the business. I then trained with the best designers and sugar crafters around the country to take the design aspect to a whole new level.

What inspires you as a designer?

I keep an inspiration board at the bakery that includes the latest trends in the bridal industry including fashion, color, fabrics, etc. I love to implement designs from bridal gowns, stationary, and jewelry. I also am looking for things with texture that could be implemented on to a cake design. My favorite designs are those cakes that have personal meaning and lasting impact to the brides.

What should you look for in a cake designer?

Taste and Style! The taste of the cake needs to be so good that your guests will never forget it and go for seconds. Your designer needs to understand your vision and incorporate your style, personality, and décor.